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I can't remember exactly the last time I was in Baguio. I think it was about 10 years ago. I could be wrong, but from what I remember, it is totally different now.

This trip has been in the pipeline for as long as aishwarya (the i10) has been. It was even a consideration when choosing the right car model (can it get to Baguio?). But for the longest time, and most like other planned trips, it never pushes through for one reason or another.

It was a long drive and had a lot of stops to it, so no, it did not take 4-5 hours to get here. The two-hour lunch and a 3-hour powernap stop at a relative's place in Pampanga made the trip longer, but hey, this is supposed to be a stress-free vacation.

There weren't any hotel bookings made ahead of time and it worked because it was low season. We could have walked in any hotel and a decent room would have waited for us anyway. So the first stop when we got here was SM, to "plan" where we're staying.

That has got to be one of the coolest malls I've ever been to. Seriously. It was cool. Literally. It's an open-air establishment with centralized A/C cooling the entire Baguio. Supposedly, the place followed the same concept as MOA, except that it works in this type of weather.

We ended up staying at 2 hotels - Bloomfield Hotel and Hotel Elizabeth. The latter kicked the formers ass big time. Not that the first one was bad though.

It was a brief, almost unplanned trip but we managed to go:
* to SM Baguio
* to the Baguio site of APS 
* drinnk and get a bad hangover from from a bottle and a half of beer and meet up with friends
* to PMA to visit another friend
* Camp John Hay to have lunch and "appreciate" the outlet stores
* to Bencab museum which was freakin AWESOME!
* Have dinner at another friend's house which was right across the 2nd hotel
* (tomorrow) pick up stuff before heading back to Manila.

I think I will go back to this place befor the year ends. Heck, it has all the elements of a city perfect for a vacation - cool crisp weather, modern conveniences, excellent food choices and places to visit within close distance from mostly everything. Now if only it weren't 250 KM away from Manila.
26th-Sep-2009 11:46 pm - More reasons to love my neighborhood
In light of the current impact of typhoon Ondoy, I have found a couple more reasons to love our current address. That is of course, aside from the occasional shows  we get to watch c/o war freakish neighbors. 

1. It doesn't flood in our area. I feel bad for those who got hit by the flooding but I feel lucky that our terrain is inclined. 
2. Everything else beyond a 50-meter radius from our place is dark because of a power outage, but not our area. 

Now if only I can find a house that has a parking space, then this area would be perfect. 
7th-Sep-2009 11:30 am - Our neighborhood provides free show
Last night at around 12MN while we were both watching Lokomoko High, and the 9/11 show on the History channel and waiting for Urban Zone to start, we started hearing crazed voices from the street. And because we were nice little neighbors who wouldn't let a free show pass, we had to see what was going on.

We went to the closet where the lights were closed to make sure that we weren't visible from the streets; a precautionary measure even if we were on the 2nd floor.

and the show went like this:

Crazy woman: Hayup ka, bakla ka pa rin kahit anong sabihin mo
Gay guy: (mumble mumble)
Crazy woman: Bumibili lang ako sa bekery tapos sasabihan mo kong wag lilingon. Ano bang pakialam mo kung lumingon ako.
Crazy woman: Tapos kakaladkarin mo ko. Tingnan mo hayop ka, ayan oh, may galos ebidensha (sob sob sob)
Crazy woman (to a guy, maybe her boypren): Tawagan mo si kernel. (turns to gay guy) hindi pa tayo tapos hayop ka! kahit ano pang sabihin mo, lalaki ka pa rin! may E***s ka pa rin...may I***g ka ka parin! kababae kong tao, anong laban ko sayo? ha! 
Crazy woman starts hitting the gay dude
Enter Baranggay tanod
Crazy woman runs to baranggay tanod and starts doing her drama again.
Wash rinse and repeat about 4 times.

the show ended when all the characters went to, presumably, the baranggay.

and then I went back to watching the 9/11 special on the History channel.
7th-Jun-2009 07:34 am - Divi is in. Or we were in Divi.
There are some things about going to wet markets and places like Divisoria that I like a lot. I can't exactly put my finger on it yet but I think it's a combination of seeing pinoy street culture on a large scale and in its purest form, and the visual buffet that you get when you visit this places. And yes, sometimes, the stinky smell is part of the experience. 

We were on another trip to Divisoria yesterday morning. It was the third time we visited the place in the past month or two. Never mind that it had been drizzling the past few days and never mind that the streets were all muddy and icky. I still enjoy the place. 

The main reason we've been going there was to get stuff for a friend's wedding. Mostly fabric. For the tables. I'd post pictures of the stuff we got but I didn't get to take pics. The general idea is a champagne colored base cover then another layer of sheer yellow organza like material with black swirly, almost-damask, print. I think my friend got a total of about 60 yards, if not more, of fabric. That is a lot of fabric. So now I wonder what those fabrics will end up being after the wedding. 

Three trips to the place and a lot of loot later, we kinda know Ylaya (the fabric street) like the back of our hands. That place is fabric heaven. If I ever learn how to make my own clothes, I can imagine the loads of fabric I'd hoard from there. 

Now, all I need to learn is how to haggle. I'm so bad at it. 
Today I went all the way to Lucban, Quezon for religious reasons. Well, mostly for my mom's religious reasons. People who know my religious preference or lack thereof, walang pakialamanan. I went with my mom because she can be pretty cranky about things that involve getting the whole family.

The church was called Kamay ni Hesus and supposedly, healing masses are performed here on Saturdays and Mondays. Parang pansol sa dami ng tao (borrowed term from B'ley). 

The only other thing that gave me comfort in the thought of travelling 4 hours (tops) one-way was the food fare. I was prepared to say "Eat lucban habhab spacedust, imitation Buddy's habhab!" but alas, the real habhab I tried was nothing more than the habhab noodles stir-fried with 2 pieces of vegetables. The noodles were good, really good, but plain. Mas masarap pa rin yung sa Buddy's. Thank heaven's for Batangas bulalo. 

So there. I wanted to post pics but le internet is le slow.
5th-Apr-2009 08:37 pm - Makati Red Light District
Pagkauwi ko nung Sabado, di rin nagtagal at nasa layasan na naman ako. 

Our first stop was the Cybergate building at Pioneer. The boi had an opening remark stint for a review gig. I figured that I'd go with him and be the supportive boi that I am (yes, thank you). While waiting for him, I stayed at Starbucks where I had my "me" time. As in literally. I was the only customer in the store for the first 30 minutes of my stay. Until dumating si Ms. Dahlen. 

After CG, we went to UPD to do three things:

Magpacarwash. Don't ask why. Pero basta, dapat dun. Pero sabi nga ni koya, "ay, wala na yung carwash na nandyan 10 years ago". So walang carwash, at naglilimahid pa rin si Aishwarya.

Kumain sa Rodics at kumain ng fishballs. Kahit may Rodics sa malapit sa office, isang tumbling lang, iba pa rin ang dating pag sa Shopping Center ka kumain ng Tapsilog. At walang fishballs sa makati. Puro squidballs at chicken balls lang. Masyadong soshal.

I learned na iba na ang kalakalan ng pagbebenta ng fishball (at least sa SC) dahil you dont make tusok tusok na. and its not priced per piece na. It's php10 per order of 15 fishballs at sinasandok na nila sa kawali yung mga balls...kasama ng isang sandok na mantika na hindi nasasala.

Bumili ng mga t-shirt at sticker ng UP.

Mejo natagalan kami sa UP kaya mga alas-sais na kami dumating sa Kalayaan. Pupunta pa dapat kami sa MOA para chumika sa mg Slayers sa Hooters. Pero dedma na. Nagpahinga na lang kami. 

Tapos nung 9 PM, habang nanonood kami ng MMK kung saan bulag si Diether, naalala ko na nagyaya pala yung ibang office friendships para gumimik. So nagpahatid ako sa Makati ave. Alam ko naman na sa Red Light district yung lugar (Filling Station) so naprepare ko na yung sarili ko sa kung ano man ang maaari kong makita dun. 

Muntik pa ako magkamali ng pasukan dahil magkakatabi mga pintuan. Tusme, heaven knows what sins I might have seen kung nagkamali nga ako ng pinasukan (sins daw o). Hinanap ko sila. Kumanan ako imbes na kumaliwa. At nakita ko ang mga kanong may kasamang mga pinay. Marami sila. Parang may kano-pinay billiards convention. Sa isip ko "seryoso talaga sila sa endeavor na dito gumimik" pero fine. Tinawagan ko si D at nahanap na din sila. Di man ako nakapaghooters, ok na rin yung Filling Station kasi may mga nagsasayaw na mga belyas. Isang dance number lang naman ng mga waiter na babae. At wholesome na dance number (Kenny G na "songbird" ata. joke!). Na fascinate lang ako dahil mga 5 silang sumayaw sa harap namin. Talo ang mga birthday song numbers ng mga waitstaff sa Italliani's at ang mga sigaw ng mga attendees sa Cyma pag nag seserve sila ng pagkain (OPA!). 

At dahil busog ako dahil wala akong ginawa maghapon, uminom lang ako ng white russian at nagkwento at nagpapicture. 

12 MN, umuwi na ako at nagbalik anyo bilang si Cinderella at nag facebook na ulit. 
31st-Mar-2009 10:48 am - Tara na, byahe tayo.
Umuwi ako ng maaga nung Sabado ng umaga. As in mga alas-sais pa lang umuwi na ako kahit na kadalasan umuuwi ako ng mga 8 or 9 pag Sabado. Masarap magtrabaho pag tahimik na sa office e. At sa di maipaliwanag na kadahilanan, parang mas busy ang Fridays ko kesa Mondays. Pero iba nung nakaraang Sabado.

Pag-uwi ko, natulog ako ng mga 2 oras at bumangong na agad nung 8:30 or 9 dahil may lakad kami. Pupunta kami ng Antipolo para tingnan yung resort kung san mag outing si da boi. Napag usapan na susunduin muna namin si Sheryl sa california gardens sa boni bago kitain sila Albert at Chess at Ate Bangs sa Conti's greenhills. Ayun, awa ni Santa Claus, nahuli kami sa EDSA-Shaw. Kasalanan ko naman kasi nag u-turn kami sa pedestrian road (road talaga hindi lang lane). Buti na lang naayos namin ni manong.

Pagkasundo, diretso kami sa Greenhills. Kumain ng agahan. Nagchikahan at pinagtawanan ang nangyaring hulihan. 

Pagkakain, go na ulit sa Antipolo. Nakita namin yung resort. Hindi kagandahan. Malamang dahil summer at lahat ng tao ay nandun. Pero kahit na. Sabi nga ni da boi, parang 10 commandments lang, nag part ang red sea sa dami ng tao sa pool. 

Walang nag-swimming sa amin. Dahil sabi ni Albert, baka magkabuni pa kami. Pramis, sinabi nya yun. Sosyal kasi yun e. Pero agree naman kami sa kanya, kahit kami ay hindi sosyal. 

Para hindi masayang ang byahe, punta kami sa Our Lady of Good Voyage para mapabinyagan si Aishwarya Ingrid. Sa mga nakakaalam ng religous preference namin, wala na lang pakialamanan. Hindi pari ang nag binyag kay Aishwarya, lay minister. At parang hindi holy water ang ginamit nya, dirty water. Dahil pagkatapos ng seremonya nya, winisik wisikan nya yung sasakyan ng walang patumangga. As in. Kung tao si Aishwarya, malamang nalunod na cya. Nang matuyo, ayun, puti puti at maitim itim. Andami. Sobra. 

At dahil ang unang plano ay magswimming. Umuwi na lang kami ng Manila at nagswimming sa condo ni Ate Bangs. Sosyal din siya. Malaki yung bahay. 

Mga 6:30 umuwi na kami para makahabol ako sa taunang reunion ng mga taga Calbiga, Samar sa Valle Verde. Tapos nung 8:30, Earth Hour na. 

At nung Linggo naman, maaga ulit kami bumangon para magbalikan ulit kami sa Angeles para sunduin sila Mommy. After lunch, balik na kami ng Manila at tuloy sa MOA para mag malling dahil nuknukan ng init. 

Shet, kung san san ako nakarating.
29th-Mar-2009 07:29 pm - Post Earth-Hour Entry
 Just before i start doing my weekend entry, i thought it appropriate to share what I saw during the Earth hour last Saturday. 

I think one word can pretty much sum it up. Overwhelming.

Fine, two words. Overwhelming and Emotional. 

I was on the streets when it happened. I had to attend an event with my family at the Valle Verde Golf and Country club from 6:30 - 8:30. I left a few minutes after 8:30. I had initially planned to stay home during the whole hour but I figured that being on the streets when it started actually gave me the opportunity to see how people responded to the call. So a few minutes after I left, I was along EDSA and saw that 90% of the billboard lights were off. A significant number of buildings were also dark. It was really overwhelming. Most of the lighting along EDSA came from the lamp posts. 

When I got to my neighborhood, I decided to drop by 711 and saw that the street was also dark. Not as dark as EDSA but significantly and noticeably darker than on any other given Saturday. Even the 711 signage was off and the store was barely lit. 

When I got home, the boi (who turned off the lights too) was watching the TV coverage of Earth Hour on studio 23. I'm happy that SM and Ayala participated too. Watching it on T.V. made it so much more emotional. I think the last time I felt something like that was when I joined one of the rallies along EDSA. 

We talked a bit about how the earth hour was beyond the energy that we saved during the hour. It about uniting the people towards a common cause. It was more than just voting against global warming, but more about bringing awareness to the people. 

Watchmen isdatchu?
24th-Mar-2009 01:10 pm - Ang aking taunang reklamo sa buhay
Eto na naman ako sa aking taunang walang patumanggang pagmumura. Napansin ko na kinakarir ko na ang mga entry na ganito. Ang pagkakaiba lang, ngayon, tagalog ako nagsasalitype. Wala lang, maiba lang.

At ang taunang reklamong ito ay inihatid sa inyo ng ibang klaseng init ng panahon (teet teet teet teet DZRH). Dahil nagising ako, muli, sa ikatlong taon, dahil sa tindi ng init ng hapon (nasa unang syllable yung accent ah! at hindi kapital letter yung H).

Tumatagtak ang pawis ko. Sinadya kong hindi buksan ang aircooler dahil inisip ko na pag hindi ko inon yun, magigising ako ng maaga at makaka-attend ako ng meeting ng 8:30 PM. But no! Never ko namang pinlano na magising ng GANITO kaaga (ala-una pa lang, at alas-diyes ako natulog).

Fine, yun lang. Kelangan lang mag reklamo.

*goes to turn on aircooler*

23rd-Mar-2009 07:01 am - Earth Hour
I have very few advocacies in life. And doing what we can to at least not add to the increasing rate of environment depletion is one of them. I'm no grand environmentalist but I know that everyone can pitch in and do a little act to not contribute to the worsening environmental conditions (e.g. not using a straw whenever possible or hand carrying a small item purchased from a convenience store). Anyway, i saw this and figured I'd share to all FB,Multiply,and LJ peeps.


This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming. 

The Earth HourCollapse )

So March 28 it is.

my all
Nang minsang nagkakape kami (or nagdedessert, di ko na maalala basta nasa Starbucks PS kami), napag-usapan namin ang bagong kotse ng isa naming friend. At ganito ang dating ng usapan:

Bumili si O ng auto at trip nyang karirin ang pagpapaganda nito. So sabi nya gusto nyang bumili ng bagong manibela. Pero ang siste ay, 9k or 19k ang lekat na manibelang ito. So hindi muna namin to pinansin. Baka nga naman kasi kaya nun mag auto-drive, dahil pwede daw tanggalin ang manibelang yun with a snap. Tapos, nabanggit nya naman na bibilhan din nya ng bagong speaker system yung auto. Sobrang high end yung speakers na sinabi nya, parang 10k or 20k, basta mahal. Maganda nga naman yung specs pero dahil parang goldfish ang memory ko, hindi ko na maalala yung nagagawa nung sound system na yun. Basta, pwede ka makipagusap sa telepono tapos maririnig ng lahat na nasa loob. Parang gagawing PA system ang drama. Iba ata interpretation nya ng hands-free na feature ng cellphone. Instead of music, trip nya atang iparinig sa mga pasahero yung usapan nila ng gelpren nya. At finally, sinabi din nya na ipapaleather seat nya yung auto. 

Dahil likas na mayaman si O (hello, binili nya ng cash yung auto) at doble ng sweldo ng presidente ng Pilipinas (Annual ah!) ang kinsenas na sweldo nya , alam naman naming keri nya yun. Pero si M, humirit ng: "eeeeee diba ang car, its meant to get you from point a to point b???" (pramis, ganun siya magsalita. sosyal sya e).

Tapos, humirit si O ng: "E teka, diba bags are meant to just carry your stuff?" (ganun din magsalita si O, likas na inglesero din).

Si M naman kasi, humirit pa. E etong si M sa loob ng isang buwan bumili ng 3 LV na bag (yung totoo ah, yung sa GB4) at sa loob ng 6 na buwan (ata) ay bumili ng 3 coach na bag at 1 Gucci bag at feeling ko, bibili pa ng isang Prada na bag. 

So ayun, sabi ko "M, talo tayo sa ganyang argument" (isa lang talaga ginamit ko na english word). Tapos sabi ni Marix, "Sige Troy, ikaw na lang magsabi, tutal wala ka namang luho e"

Wala pa man akong nasasabi ay biglang humirit si O ng: "Ewan ko ha, balita ko ang payong para lang wag mabasa ng ulan e".

Fine. Tinigilan na namin ang usapang yun na walang patutunguhan. Kung sabagay, kanya kanyang luho lang yan. Auto kay O, bags (na nuknukan ng mahal) kay M, at recently, payong sa akin. 

Ikaw, anong luho mo?
17th-Mar-2009 09:56 pm - hindi ko alam kung bakit
my all
Pero kahapon, sobrang nag crave ako ng Frozen Yogurt.

Ah hindi, naalala ko na. Nung Sabado kasi, nanood kami ng Race to Witch Mountain (na pambata) tapos, habang inaantay namin mag start yung palabas, naisip ko na gusto ko ng frozen yogurt. Dahil sabi ni amyslayer and/or ni yayipants and/or ni tasha na meron daw sa glorietta. So yun. E kaso sabi ni Emman, mag frosty na lang daw kami sa Wendy's dahil pareho lang lasa nun. So dahil masunurin akong bata,  payag naman ako.

Lumipas ang linggo. Muli na naman kaming bumalik ng Glorietta, pero sa 5 naman. Bumili kami ng mashing mashin dahil nung Sabado, lumutang paibabaw yung bilog na umiikot sa ilalim. Pero dahil walang frozen yogurt sa glorietta 5, pass muna ulit. At dahil likas na busy ang weekends namin, dumiretso kami sa Angeles para bisitahin ang mga magulang ni Emman na, nung mga panahong yun, e nasa bahay ng kapatid ni Emman. Pagdating ng Angeles, kumain kami ng tanghalian at bumiyahe papuntang SM Clark. Wala lang. Para lang maglakad lakad. 

Syempre, ang shonga shonga ko ng konti dahil malay ko ba namang may White Hat na pala sa SM Clark. E nalaman ko na lang nung nasa Manila na ulit ako. Na-sad ako, pero slight lang. 

Kinabukasan, Lunes, inantay ko dumating ang dalawang bagay. Ang mashing mashin na binili namin at ang mga magulang ni Emman kasama ang kapatid nya sa uuwi sa bahay namin. At habang nag-aantay, iisang bagay lang nasa isip ko. Bwakanangenangshiyet, gusto ko pa rin ng Frozen Yogurt. 

Dumating sila mammy ng bandang ala-una at nauna sila sa mashing mashin. So nakaisip ako ng rason para lumayas at tugisin ang lekat na frozen yogurt na trip ko. Unang pakay ko ang tanung ang mga tao sa Abenson kung ano nang nangyari sa mashing mashin at ang pangalawa ay, yun na.

Nasa Rustan's supermarket si White Hat! Shiyet! Sarap! Yung pinakamalaki binili ko dahil yun na yung pinakamalaki. Kung may mas malaka pa sana dun, edi yun. Tapos pinalagyan ko ng Almonds, Mangoes and Mandarin Oranges. Sobrang daming toppings, parang toppings na lang siya na may frozen yogurt. Pero sarap pa rin! Habang nakaupo sa store at ninanamnam ang froyo, dumating si Vicky Morales at ayun, kumain din cya. 

Umuwi ako ng masaya dahil sa wakas, nakakain na ako ng frozen yogurt. 
9th-Mar-2009 08:23 pm - Turning 27

27 is not such a bad number. It's odd enough to make one feel so-so but composite enough too.

I had dinner with the boi last Friday at Thai Patio in GB5. I initially wanted to eat at People's Palace but the place was reserved so I figured that we could try a new place. Note to self: Read reviews before trying out a new resto. The food was great but the service sucked big time. I've even gotten around to writing a 2-paged complaint letter to the owner/head of the resto if I can find the time to drop it off or find the email address to send it to.

So there. If you want Thai food, Thai patio is not a place I'd recommend unless you're really after good food never minding the service. But then again, there are other great Thai places out there that have better service.

The boi got me a really nice present. And what made it even better was the fact that I didn't have to tell him what to get me for my birthday. I think it's the first time that happened. It was a really nice twist. He got me this:


2nd-Mar-2009 10:40 am - For bringing out the geek in you.
I picked this up at Powerbooks last Saturday.

I saw it a week before but told myself that I'd hold off on buying it. I wanted to check if the book haunts me in my sleep. I kept thinking of it all week. When we went back, the store lady said that they ran out as there were only 3 copies delivered to their store and that there were no other copies delivered in the other Powerbooks branches. 

Walking out of the store feeling bad, we saw one last copy sitting on the stairs, displayed and calling my name out.

I can't wait to finish it. 

1st-Mar-2009 02:01 pm - Push the button
my all
In life, everyone has a role to play. I do the pushing of the buttons. The panic buttons, that is.

Last Saturday, we went to a showroom to get a quotation on a car that we're eyeing. See, we've been talking about it for quite some time now but we've never gotten around to actually doing anything beyond talk about it. I did research about the cars in the same class and category (subcompact) and practically know the differences between them, but that's pretty much it.

While we were at the showroom, it dawned on me that:

1. I don't know how to drive.
2. The boi needs a refresher course on driving
3. I need to get a student permit
4. The boi needs to renew his driver's license
5. WE DONT HAVE ANYWHERE TO PARK. As in there is no parking lot in the building where we live and I'm not sure its wise to park on the streets even if there are hoards of car parked there.

Getting a car, now, with the quotation and the application and the involvement of other people who help us make it happen, is so much more palpable that  I end up pushing the panic button.It's all real. I need to do things, now. 

So if anyone out there (facebook, LJ and Multiply) knows a potential solution to the parking bit, it's much appreciated.
23rd-Feb-2009 08:00 pm - Felix Nuvo
That sounds about right.

I usually have schedules penciled in on my phone as soon as i know them. That way, I can turn down appointments easily if I need to and without having to make unnecessary commitments that I'd end up breaking. 

The party was penciled in. It was the first birthday party Iraj, a friend's son. That was the gayest childrens party ever. I swear. I have mascot porn in my facebook. The umm nature of the guests were hilarious. Plus the host AND the co-host were super ummm gay. And don't forget the playlist that included "No one ugly around", "Please don't stop the music", "when I grow up", "disturbia". FUN!

I was supposed to pick up the boi from his class then head off to the mall to buy an upright aircooler then watch a movie. But his training ended earlier than planned, so he went home. By the time I got home, he was poop-tired to go out so he had me go with my friends. 

Eto ka, one of my friends' fiance told her that she can only watch either shopaholic or he's just...simply because he wanted to watch everything else with her (and that he probably wouldn't want to be caught dead watching those). Fair enough.

 what happened next...Collapse )

 And I'm really happy that it ended with a go. 

A few days back, the boi asked me to go with them on a trip to Mt. Pinatubo since every other people in their office was discouraged with the idea that you had to be fit to survive the climb. I was too. Fit is not a word used to describe me. Then last Thursday, plans changed because people were a go in the office. There was a sigh of slight relief because by then the thought of the scorching heat of the sun plus the 10 km walk was slowly creeping in. I planned to go home to Fairview instead. 

The plan changed last minute because one of the joiners couldnt make it and it would be a total waste of money if someone didnt go. So I went. 

The meeting time was at 4 AM at the Mak Shang. From there, we drove 2 hours tops to Tarlac  stopping over only at the NLEX arcade (i dont know what its really called) to pick up breakfast and brunch at Burger King for the trip. From Tarlac, where the company who manages the tours are based out of, we had to take a 4X4 to the foot of the volcano. That's another hour. Only the trip this time involved getting covered in lahar dust and looking all silvery and espasol-ish by the time we got to the foot of the volcano. 

That was the easy part of the trip. The walk was physically draining. Seriously. I do serious walking and am used to doing serious walking in malls, as in hours upon hours of walking but this was nothing like it. The path was rocky and for the most part uphill. Uphill and rocky is not a good combination when taking a walk. Now that I think about it, it the view was like a scene out of a movie. 

After walking for an hour, we got to the crater of the volcano and every step was all worth it. Of course I say that only until the time we had to walk back and do the whole set of walking and getting covered in silvery lahar in reverse order. 

There were not a lot of people and the place is very much preserved. It was clean and the water looked serene. We took a boatride from one end of the crater to the other where the water was really hot. 

After 126 photos and maybe 2-3 hours later, we walked back. Same route, only this time the 4x4 trip had twice the lahar and had a generous addition of the afternoon sun. I knew it was going to hurt and it does hurt. Another bad combination, back pains and sunburn. 

We had a really late lunch when we got back to the center and got a really good dry massage. Quality time with the boi+a new experience=fun.

Finally, we got home at around 9 PM in time to see Sam Milby in his first major concert. And just to be sure I dont get judged, I intended that to be a joke. 

It was all worth it! And I'll post the pics later.
12th-Feb-2009 07:54 pm - I wen to the UP fair last night
 It been a while since I left college but everytime I get the chance, I make sure to visit UPD. I like my memories of college and going back every once in a while give me that same warm fuzzy feeling I get whenever I drink hot chocolate. 

Last night I met up with a couple of my friends I've known since highschool at the UP fair. I missed last year's  because of, wait for it, sheer laziness so I consciously hauled my ass over to Q.C. if only to meet up with them. It was cool that one of my friends' boyfriend was part of the fraternity who sponsored the night so I skipped past the hassle of falling in line (really thankful coz the line was crazy long). 

We stayed somewhere in the periphery from where the concert people were listening but managed to still be close enough to see the action. I noticed that every year the ratio of people in the fair and outside the fair (watching the concert) is tipping in favor of those outside. I'm almost certain that there were about as many people outside as there were inside the grounds, if not more. Just noticed. 

We made 3 rounds of the place looking at the stuff being sold. Most were food, custom-shirts, trinkets and services (henna, tattoo, etc). I also noticed that there weren't any tarot card reading or palm reading booths. And I was looking forward to that. So instead, I got me this:


I'm not sure whether it loads or not but its the eye of Ra. 

There were a couple of shirts that I found potentially interesting but wasnt sure if I wanted to get them. Mebbe if I go again. 
my all
I went to the market to get dinner early today and while waiting for the lechon kawali to be prepared, I dropped by a local pharmacy to pick up some meds. 

The total cost of the meds were something like P90.32 so I handed a hundred peso bill. I got my change in the form of a 5-peso coin, 4 1-peso coins, and a blue-green colored halls mint candy. The lady at the counter did say sorry that they didnt have 25 cents.

I didnt know that candy is actually legal tender. At least now I have an alternative to saving cash. 
5th-Jan-2009 10:55 am - After Holiday Thought
 Today the holiday break ends. Tonight I go back to work. I never thought I'd enjoy that long of a vacation as much as I did...but I did. 

Anyway, while having dinner last Saturday with the boi and some of his college friends, I realized what a dream job for me would be like...

I want to be a personal shopper. 

Yun lang. 
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